Some Of Our Happy & Satisfied Clients

We had so many folks telling us they would assist us, banks included! But they all failed us. Everyone's out for the money. I was a basket case! Like really freaking out!  Marie really cared, and showed compassion. She worked hard and walked us through every step of the way, till the end. Now our nightmare is over thanks to her & PBA Group. All I have left to say is she is our Angel. & our family has gained a new friend. Thank you Marie.

Marie was so kind and understanding.  Our Home situation was so difficult and stressful. Our Mom was not on Title, and the bank would not except our  payments. We had been scammed before so we were skeptical at first. But it was something about Marie. So we gave her a shot, and we're glad we did! They got to the root of the problem and gave us the solution we needed. She put in a lot of time, and it got worked out. They really  helped us save our house. Thank you guys so much!

I was a bit shy while giving my brief interview, but I had to suck it up because I promised Marie I would assist her in helping any skeptical homeowners out there. This world is full of scammers. But Marie of PBA group is not one of them. You're truly in good hands. I really don't know what I would have done without her. Honestly!

I'm somewhat of a private person, but I made this video for any non believers out there, and  I wanted the world to know how terrific this woman Marie is. PBA Group was very helpful, and professional.  My wife and I don't trust easily, but after our first meeting with Marie, we knew she was the real deal. She put our minds at ease, and brought us through. We're truly grateful for her!

Just a Little FYI

We will continue to update our website each time we get a video testimony from a satisfied Client. We have assisted SEVERAL Families, but keep in mind, not everyone is willing to make a testimonial due to being camera shy, or simply being private people. That's why we have also provided written reviews from Happy (Real Life) Clients of PBA Group & Melrose Capital Group. 

Marie Williams is truly a life saver! I was about to lose my home due to non payment of HOA fees. Which I think should not even be a thing! But anyhow Marie showed up, and saved the day. Iam truly grateful to her. So many folks were showing up asking me if I wanted to sell. I would say HELL NO!!! And get off my property! Marie though..she gave me an option where I could stay in my home and rent it back, and also gave me some cash reserves. They also gave me the opportunity to buy the place back within a year after I got my credit back on track. I'm just really thankful to her & her team. Thanks Melrose Capital & PBA Group. You guys are great!

Timothy Allen of Hemet Ca.

 "We really didn't trust someone showing up to our door saying she'd help us stay in our house, because there's so many scam artist out there. But we needed help fast so we had to trust someone. So we went with Marie at PBA Group. and she turned out to be 100% legit. Marie had Fast track funding get us the Loan we needed to stay in our home, and I couldn't thank them enough. Marie Williams was so sweet, and very thoughtful. She is an angel in disguise. That's what I call her.  She really went through some hoops to get things accomplished for us. We know it was hard work Thanks alot.

David Torres of San Bernardino, Ca.

PBA Group was my last resort. Marie Williams had stopped by our home like 3x before, and we told her that we were fine. Our Bank said we qualified for a modification. We sent in all the paperwork they asked for seemed like (tons) we thought everything was fine, and we could finally breath again. But about 3 days before our home was to go to trustee sale auction the bank called us and said sorry you dont qualify. I was like what! why? You guys told us we did! Anyway long story short. We kept Marie's flyer and called her over to discuss our options. Needles to say She saved us. She's amazing! We ended up having to relocate but we got a lot of  money. We negotiated before hand.  So we walked away happy. and she also helped place us in a new home. So we are very thankful, because we could have lost our house at the trustee sale. Thank you so much Marie. you are truly appreciated.                                                               

  Anabel Larios of San Jacinto, Ca. 

My brother and I lost our Dad almost 2 years ago.  We got behind with the Bank. We told them our Dad had passed way, they then wanted court paper work! We didnt have any of that. Marie showed up one day explaining the house was going to sale soon. She told us how she could assist us with a postponement and help us with probate,  and we really had  no place else to turn. We had no money for probate lawyers, and  we had people coming by asking us if we wanted to sell, but the house was still in our Dad's name. Marie from PBA Group got us a postponement and then furnished a probate attorney for us. He did all the court stuff that needed to be done. Marie went to 3 different court dates with us. She's freaking awesome! We won. We got the property in our name, and we were able to move on with our lives. We really love that woman. Without her our house would have got sold at auction. We thank you Marie from the bottom of our hearts .                                   

  Jose & Esteban Lopez of Hemet, Ca. 

My name is Sarafin Melendez and My property was going to be sold at trustee auction in 4 days. Marie Williams showed up at my door and I was Skeptical that she could actually save my home from auction. I told her this means you are goin to have to wake up at like 5am to get the bank on the phone because of the time difference. She said "Yes I know Serafin" She was a bit intimidating but in a good way if that makes any sense. It was mixed with assurance, knowledge and compassion. I just got a great feeling about her from the start.  I met the woman one time. From then we emailed and spoke by phone. But I'll say this. My property was scheduled for sale at auction July 17th at 12 noon. Marie got my sale cancelled the morning of July 17th.  I was amazed!!!! I didnt think it was possible. But clearly I was wrong! Thanks a bunch Ms. Williams. And God Bless You.                                        Serafin Melendez of Walnut, Ca.

I just wanna give a quick shout out to my girl Marie at PBA Group. There are alot of people out here scamming So your first thought may be to say "no thank you we're fine", cause thats what I did. But My Lenders turned out to be one of the scammers Im talkin about. So I found Maries info she left at my house and called her up. Bottom line..She got me a postponement and a loan. And Im still in my place!  Thanks girl. 

The day I met you I met a true Angel.

Nancy Cummings of Menifee, Ca.